What to do with a young adult

We, as a family, have realized recently, it’s very hard to break old habits. You could look at my older brother Tyler (18) for one example. Mom and Dad told us the other day that Tyler had gotten into some of his old habits once again. They didn’t say what, but by their over dramatic family meeting and their stress levels recently, it must be pretty bad. A bunch of rumors are going around, Elijah (12) says it must be cigarettes or drugs, Calli (short for Callista, 14) says by how our parents put it, it must be worst than that, and as for me, I don’t know what to think. Although this is a problem, and my parents want to stop it, they don’t know how. Addressing the problem and telling him to stop, could make him get up and leave, him being 18 it’s now legal. This would be horrible for him, he’d have no where to go, and he hasn’t held a steady job yet. But on the other hand if they continue to let him do what he’s doing, what ever it may be, then it’ll continue to get worse and worse in this bad habit he’s picked up. Whew! Family’s are hard, and that’s coming from a 15 year old, but in the end, as long as every one is safe and happy that’s all that matters, right?