The Problem With Lies

In my last blog I talked about my love story. Near the middle I mentioned being told that Travis thought I was annoying and that he didn’t like me. For two whole years I believed that lie. It had consumed my thought and almost made me give up and just forget. Today I wanna talk about how much a single lie can affect your life. Have you ever been told a lie? Better question. Have you ever told a lie? If you said no, you can add another lie to that list. No body is perfect and we all lie. Now think back on the most recent lie you can think of. What was it? Was it simply to get you out of doing something? Was it to spare someones feelings? Or was it something way worst? If I think back I think the last lie I told was sometime yesterday. My friend had asked me who my best friend was, and although she was a very good friend, I knew someone who I got along with better, and whom I was closer with. But, she was only 9 (girl in the picture) and most 9 year old’s, don’t want to be rejected or dissed, so I told her she was my best friend. She believes it, and we are really good friends. But it’s hard for her to realize the 6 year age gap and how if she has other friends, most likely I do too. So my point for you today is, don’t listen to everything you hear, and be ready for rejection. It will come, and there is no avoiding it. When faced with a time where you’re challenged between telling the truth or lying, always stick with the truth. Give them an answer that tells them the correct information, but doesn’t hurt their feelings. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked it! Remember to like, comment and follow my blog for more great tips and hints.


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