How Kind Acts Save Lives

What does this necklace mean? The one I’m always wearing and never take off unless I have to. I’ve had it for over a year now, about 16 months. But what’s so significant about it? Well what if I told you this one necklace changed my life? 16 months ago, June of 2013. I had been going through a time of light depression and rebellion. I was 14 years old and felt as if the world was completely against me. Now, I had ‘run away’ before but ended coming back after two hours later. The cause? Boredom. Well now I was set to go. Leave behind my past and say hello to a new future. I had packed my bag all up with everything I could or would need, including scissors and hair dye to change my look. Along with all that and some scraps of food (granola, peanut butter, nuts, ext) I had about 80$ in cash. I thought I would leave and never loom back and, it being Monday, I planned to leave on Thursday. But something changed. On Wednesday evening all of my family (With the exception of Eliana, because she wasn’t born yet) piled into our blue Honda Odyssey and drove to my Aunts house. She had gotten re-married a few years prier and now had two new step kids. Malia (12 now) and Dante (10 now). Malia and I had a connection right away after meeting 3 years ago. She and I had similar interests and therefore I told her everything like she was my sister, best friend, or psychiatrist, sometimes all three at once. That night I told her I planned on leaving and that I wanted to say good bye. She and I talked for a long time about why I was going and where I planned on staying and stuff. Knowing she could easily tell someone else, I told her the minimum. two hours later my mom called for us to go home. Right as I was about to leave the room she quickly stood up, yelled wait a sec, ran around her room like a mad man, grabbing things I couldn’t tell what. She then pushed me right out in front of the door saying ‘stay here’. She went back into her room, before coming back out and placing a small black purse no bigger than a water bottle in my hands. “Don’t open it until you get home” she said pushing me towards the stairs “Okay, I won’t” I promised then left. I had no idea what she had put in this small bag, but it was nothing I had expected. Getting home and opening it, I found inside, twenty dollars, a small, clear marble with a angel on the inside, a note, and a necklace with a flower on it. I opened the note before reading it

‘Nicole, I love you. Please don’t leave, think about what you’re leaving behind. But it you do decide to go take these, the angel is to keep you safe, and I will pray over you every day. The money is to buy you food, so that you won’t go hungry. And the necklace is so that you never forget me. Don’t take it off, okay?’

As I finished reading I sighed, folding the note back up and placing it back in the small black bag. I took the necklace and put it around my neck before walking over to my back pack to unpack. And as I took out the clothes and food and tools, I felt like I was releasing some of the tension that had built up. Most people don’t realize how much of an effect their words and actions help people. If I had left that day, I would probably be one of three possibilities. One dead broke, fishing through garbage cans for food and begging people for money, too ashamed to go home. Two, a slave, a prostitute, a person who’s lost all hope of escape. Or three, I could be dead. I’ll never know thanks to her. Her note, her words, her actions, that’s what kept me here, and I am forever grateful for that. She is one person I really look up to, even though she’s 3 years younger, she’s my role model. After that I gave her back her money and the money I had saved up to take with me. I’ll never forget that act of kindness she had towards me, and I’ll never forget those words she wrote, those life changing words an eleven year old wrote. This goes to prove, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you CAN make a difference.

Who’s your role model? Who do you go to in your time of need? Would you be willing to give up so much for a person who was leaving you? Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.


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