What’s your education? I doubt it’s like ours.

What is my education like? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s kind of like home school, but not exactly. We go to our teacher, Mrs. Jenny’s house on Mondays, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. Then on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we’re at home doing the homework she sends home. Now in case you were wondering, here’s some info on our teacher, Mrs. Jenny. Mrs. Jenny is I’d say mid to late twenties (I haven’t asked, so I don’t know for sure), she is married and has one child, little Chloe. Chloe is just over a year (Yeah, Eliana will have fun later in life), she has light blonde hair and blue eyes, with four top teeth and two bottom. Now back on subject, Mrs. Jenny has two sisters, one is her older sister and I’ve never met her, and Holly is the younger sister. We see her pretty often because she lives with Mrs. Jenny. Mrs. Jenny was originally from Kansas, but moved to New Mexico a few years before getting married. She worked as a teacher for a while for every grade from elementary to high school in actual schools, but once Chloe was born she wanted the freedom to work while taking care of her daughter, which lead her to homeschooling at her own house. Back to the topic of school. The two boys go to school in the morning from 9 to 1 then she drops them off and picks us up and we stay from 1 to 5. It’s been great with learning all of the different things I never knew before this. In fact, I’m learning Spanish which I never would’ve been able to do without a teacher or a million bucks. Well, now you have a better view of our education. Thanks for putting up with me and listening to me get off topic and write about stupid stuff.


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