Take risks, they’ll lead you to success.

Well, tonight was one of those nerve racking nights for me. It was the first time I lead a song in our youth group, YX (youth explosion). Although I didn’t end up throwing up, about 6 hours ago I would’ve told you I was gonna and nothing would stop me. But it turned out great! I have co-lead other songs before, but this was my first time leading all by myself with no back up other than a light harmony. I did mess up a little on the second verse and my voice got scratchy near the end, but hey! practice makes perfect, right? I think if I learned anything from this nerve wracking experience, it’s trust yourself. Because, even if you do falter a little, you’ll always have your friends and family behind you to lift you back up and support you. I’m glad I took that small risk, because it lead to a big success and that success will lead me to even greater successes.


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