Meet the Fam.

My Daddy: My Daddy’s name is Andrew, but he usually goes by Andy. He used to work as a engineer out at Sandia, but now is doing real estate stuff. He’s a great guy with loads of passion and love set aside for his family.

My Mom: My Mom’s name is Amanda, going by Amy. She is that stay at home mom that everyone dislikes, but only because they’re jealous. She’s creative and makes and sells diapers for extra spending money.  I find her to be a very admirable person.

Tyler: My big brother Tyler just turned 18, 2 weeks ago on September 8th. He’s actually a pretty handsome guy, but it’d be better if he acted the same around everyone instead of picking on us then acting like an angel in front of his friends.

Nicole: Me! I have my description on my profile, but here’s a little something you might not know. I am on the praise and worship team at my church, Believers Center of Albuquerque. It’s been great learning and discovering new things each day.

Calli: My precious baby sister, Calli, is 14 years old. She likes LPS (Littlest Pet Shop. A golf ball sized toy that’s usually in the shape of an animal), writing, and art. She’s the type of person that’s usually late, but once she gets there she’s the life of the party. She’s the one with the curly/frizzy brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes.

Elijah: My little brother, Elijah, is 12 years old. He’s the goofy looking one with brown hair and eyes. If you wanted to get him talking there’s about two things that could get him talking. Minecraft, and video games in general.

Isaiah: Isaiah is 6 years old. Every family has the know-it-all kid, you know, the one who thinks they know everything. Well, here’s ours. He’s at the age where he thinks he knows everything and if you try to correct something he’ll argue with you about it for an hour.

Caden: Caden is 5 years old, and the biggest little munchkin you’ve ever seen. Despite the fact that he’s had a hard time pronouncing his words, he’s the cutest little creature on the planet.

Ezekiel: Ezekiel is 3 years old, and for a while he thought he was the last of us all. He’s very shy and quiet by himself, like on days when the other two are at school he barely speaks, but get him with his two role models and he’ll be the loudest one of the bunch.

Eliana: Eliana is the newest and last of the family coming in at 1 year old. Her birthday last month was bigger than my 13th. Lol. She’s the cutie with a temper and the stink face. The cutest face you’ll ever see is her stink face. It’s kind of a mix between glare and pout.


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